In the process of sourcing genuine parts for your business, there might be instances of defective or dead spare parts being received upon arrival. At Cadensworth, we ensure that any non-functional parts do not hamper or delay your business in any manner. We classify all such spare parts into two broad segments – repairable and non-repairable.

Cadensworth takes charge of shipping back all defective but repairable parts back to our ISO certified repair laboratories where our highly qualified vendor certified engineers work to make them operational again. Similarly, all dead or non-repairable parts are shipped back to the vendor through our reverse logistics services in partnership with our best-in-class freight forwarders. In turn, new parts are reissued and shipped by the vendor to the customer through Cadensworth, thus ensuring that only genuine parts reach the customers at all stages.

For repair of parts, we are equipped with a Board Level Repair facility which is spread across 600 square feet of laboratories in Jebel Ali, with a separate glassed room for BGA station in order to maintain constant temperature and humidity. Besides, the floor has 300 Lux lighting installed to allow engineers to work with higher precision. All international safety and quality norms are met by the infrastructure and premise as well as the engineers. A separate work table and system has been provided to the engineers with complete electrostatic discharge protection.

We have different engineers for different processes like chip level repair, BGA repair, screening and quality check, with an average productivity per engineer of 8, and a weekly production capacity of 384. With a yield of 76%, we continue to maintain high standards of our repair capacity. Our end-to-end repair process includes visual inspection of the part, diagnosis, repair, quality check, cleaning, packing, and shipping.

Our engineers are continually trained to upgrade their knowledge and advance their skills so as to offer maximum productivity and reduce lead times of parts repair and refurbishment.