For over 15 years, Cadensworth has taken the mantle of managing the entire spare parts ecosystem for corporate and SMB customers, right from the stage of planning up to last mile delivery.

Our team of experienced supply chain and online case study help logistics professionals understand the intricacies involved in seamless spare parts movement, thus preempting and avoiding any bottlenecks throughout the process. The essence of Parts Lifecycle Management is competent parts planning, keeping in mind the customer’s business interests by focusing on their spend aggregation and maintaining optimum inventory levels. This lays the foundation of a well-planned and strongly structured spare parts roadmap.

As part of Cadensworth’s demand planning and inventory control process, our best talent works in tandem with our customers to make sure that their business never experiences a downtime due to non-availability of parts. With the rising need to have the right parts available at all times, it also becomes necessary to keep adequate ready-stock at all times. This requires additional expenditure for manpower, systems and processes, and most importantly, storage space and inventory holding. Cadensworth’s well-established parts warehousing service allows customers to outsource the entire responsibility of physical storage of spare parts on to us. With state of the art warehouses spread over 27000 square feet, stocking more than 10000 SKUs, and a dedicated team of professionals managing the business, the Parts Availability Level has consistently been more than 95%.

The parts distribution service offering by Cadensworth ensures that the spare parts manufactured by our vendors efficiently reach customers at the right time and in the right place. This is the most critical service component for vendors, and we have successfully exceeded the expectations of vendors and customers alike, through our competent workforce and integrated delivery network. Partnering with the best freight forwarders in the region only adds to the premium quality of services provided by Cadensworth. Parts distribution is carried out by the vendors through the competent parts trading team, which ensures the final sale of parts from the vendor to corporate and channel end customers.

As part of our highly specialized and advanced services to vendors and customers, Cadensworth also provides reverse logistics of spare parts from the destination back to the source or intermediate point. This service enables shipping of defective or dead spare parts from the customer back to the vendor or to the service provider for repair, thus reducing the entire lead time of spare parts delivery. Not only do we handle the freight and movement of parts, but also take end-to-end responsibility for documentation and other operational demands of this process. Our partnership with the best freight forwarders allows us to provide efficient services with a quick turn-around time.

Cadensworth understands the need of the vendor and customer to get the fastest and best quality of services at all times. Our aim is to ensure that the arrival of dead or defective spare parts hampers neither the customers’ business nor the vendors’ manufacturing repute. Thus, we at Cadensworth also offer repair and refurbishment services, through our highly skilled board level repair engineers and state-of-the-art ISO certified repair labs. With such a niche repair platform intermediating between the customers and vendors, the lead time of parts delivery is reduced to one of the most competitive figures in the industry.