Cadensworth’s parts distribution services are focused towards our ensuring that the spare parts manufactured by vendors are shipped to the customers efficiently and smoothly. The most crucial segment of this process is Order Procurement under which inventory planning and purchasing is done, followed by good receipt, and finally, bin allocation for putting away this inventory. Equipped with advanced IT systems, we also have back-end system capabilities for Order Fulfilment including sales order processing, part or price change, issuance of goods, commercial invoice, picking and packing, customs clearance and documentation, status updates, and finally order tracking. Another important component of parts distribution is the Reverse Logistics of parts, and the process starts from viewing and approving claims, receiving defectives and posting claims, defective picking and packing, shipment documentation, and finally, issuing and uploading of credit note. For ensuring smooth Inventory Management, Cadensworth also has set processes for bin-wise inventory tracking, inventory valuation and ageing, and partner buffer stock management. For all export shipments, we adhere to Export Control Regulations, and all along the journey of parts distribution, efficient Account Management is achieved by handling account summary, statements, overdue, and payments.

The entire process is enabled through our strategically located Central Hub in Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates which is connected to 7 primary feeding stock locations in Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa, followed by an extensive delivery network in more than 60 countries across Middle East, Africa, and Western Asia. A dense footprint like this allows us to fulfill all spare parts requirements of our customers with shorter delivery turn around and efficient tracking in transit.

Cadensworth also offers highly competitive services and prices in the segment of genuine spare parts trading. In the era of seamless buying and selling of goods, it has become increasingly convenient for counterfeit and non-genuine spare parts to proliferate widely in the market. With the advent of such business practices, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish between genuine and fake parts, since the latter are being made to look exactly like the original ones, including packaging, printing, and labelling. What’s more, these counterfeit parts are sold at lower prices in the grey market, making them a lucrative purchase option for uninformed buyers. However, it is only when the buyers start using these non-genuine parts that they realize the harmful effects and the damage it can cause to their original device.

A counterfeit battery or adapter purchased at a lower price might appear to be a good bargain initially, but ends up overheating the unit, which might even cause the device to blast. Similarly, often buyers purchase non-genuine toners and printer supplies, knowingly or unknowingly, at much lower prices than the original ones. This might initially serve the purpose well, but offers a lesser print output and poorer quality, thus proving to be a more expensive proposition in the longer run.

The only solution to this menace is to purchase all your spare parts and supplies from vendor-authorized spare parts distributors and resellers. Cadensworth is the preferred Authorized Parts Supply Chain Partner for major IT vendors like Dell, Fujitsu, HP, HP Enterprise, and Lenovo in Middle East, Africa, and Western Asia. This authorization allows us to directly distribute genuine spare parts like batteries, adapters, motherboards, RAMs, hard drives, and fuser kits, which are manufactured by these brands.